Do you need works completed on your pool area for a Pool Compliance Certificate? We can help! From a simple pool gate adjustment, new gate hinges and catch or to the replacement of pool barriers, custom pool pump enclosures or raising your boundary fence to meet all compliance regulations. We can also have custom pool barriers fabricated to suit drop offs from retaining walls and steps.
We can even assist with organising pre and post compliance inspections. We choose Pool Certify for all our Pool Compliance Inspection needs-

pool barrier enclosure
BEFORE – No pool barriers present.

AFTER – New pool barriers installed

colorbond fence pool compliance certificate
BEFORE – Latice extension is not acceptable as a pool barrier. Boundary fence height is also too low.

colorbond fence extension pool compliance
AFTER – With new custom height Colorbond fence panels and post extensions, this clients pool enclosure is how now been certified compliant.

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